echinopsii manifesto

Free Knowledge and Fair Business for our Agile World

Homo Cyberneticus Sapiens Citizen

“Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers” - Aristotle

Maybe you still don’t see it, but today any data byte has more value than the over-debt dollar. The Sea of Knowledge is composed of all these little data bytes and the algorithms working on these data are like the ocean's tide pushing life to all these data bytes.

As a part of this world you are composed of a huge amount of data. Today we’re speaking about the data you're producing on the web, but tomorrow we will be speaking about your own body just like any other physical device and finally your own brain as a common intelligence we can extend and improve.

Some people will happily take your data, treat it as they want, produce any other 'relevant' data and finally manipulate you in return.

But the Homo Cyberneticus Sapiens Citizen is fully aware of these facts and now requires full transparency on the services that are manipulating his/her data as (s)he knows there is no real democracy without this transparency.

Let’s become Homo Cyberneticus Sapiens Citizen: let’s control your data and make the Sea of Knowledge your Mare Nostrum now..

Free Knowledge

“Madness is badness of spirit, when one seeks profit from all sources” - Aristotle

To bring back data control to the Homo Cyberneticus Sapiens Citizen (let’s say citizen now!), the first step is to provide a tool which helps any citizen understand and control efficiently the system which manipulates its data, from network transport to intelligent algorithms running on memory.

How is it possible to implement this kind of tool? Well, we have a few technical tips already but this would not be possible if this tool was not delivered as Free Open Source Software. This is the fundamental and major keypoint of our current work.

First, because it would make no sense to provide a tool which helps the citizen to understand his/her system if this tool itself cannot be understood, reviewed and modified by the citizen.

Secondly, because there is a huge amount of technical data to cover, this project could not be achieved without community help. That is the reason echinopsii comes with a collaborative ecosystem.

So let’s say the common citizen sees the data system as a new territory, with many new landscapes to discover, but unfortunately they’re missing the basic knowledge to run it. In real life when you’re lost in unknown landscapes what do you do? You request a map, you define your road and you’re happy exploring these new territories...

This is the ambitious program behind the Ariane Digital World Mapping Framework.

Share. Protect. Grow.

“GNU serves as an example to inspire and a banner to rally others to join us in sharing.
This can give us a feeling of harmony which is impossible if we use software that is not free.” - Richard Stallman

AGPLv3 is a copyleft license published by the Free Software Foundation. It is a wonderful tool to promote Free Open Source Software and free the knowledge you put behind your source code.

This license is particularly well suited to the cloud world where the trend is to replace your on-premise software with network services on servers you don’t own.

Using an AGPLv3 license on your own project through direct memory API calls OR through remote services calls, means you have to publish your work as Free Open Source Software with the same license: This is the golden rule.

Publishing our work with AGPLv3 is not ONLY the most philanthropic way we have found to share our knowledge. It is also a way to protect our work against any future patent issues which could lock the market.

Like our Ariane mapping framework, the echinopsii projects will mainly be published through the AGPLv3 license. However, we will retain the freedom to distribute some restricted access plugins as a possible way to acquire necessary financial revenue in order to grow the echinopsii startup and reach our target.

echinopsii holacracy

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion” - G.W.F Hegel
“Take care of the People, the Products, and the Profits - In That Order” - Ben Horowitz

We are a passionate company: we express what we know and our Ariane mapping framework allows us to continue the learning process. Be content to understand we will share most of our work as F.O.S.S.

Our organisation is a holacracy, with work as our primary value, creativity our mindset and free knowledge our goal.

Our goal is our obsession and our day-to-day target is to improve the Ariane mapping framework to the benefit of our complete community.

Afraid by the AGPLv3 ? Let's take a look at our Free2Biz license. This is a result of our dual-license business model and our deep need to promote fair business in software industry: it has been defined so you can utilize echinopsii work in non-AGPLv3 projects and promote echinopsii work.

Promote Fair Biz

The Free2Biz license main rules to make the beez happy

Free Open Source Derived Software :
Publish your derived project as Free Open Source Software (F.O.S.S) with AGPLv3 license with no limits. As a contributor citizen you can fork and redistribute echinopsii projects through AGPLv3. Your back-contribution on the echinopsii project source origin will always be much appreciated ;)

Open Source Derived Software :
Request a zero cost Free2Biz license and virally promote the echinopsii main developers' work and the Free2Biz license through your O.S.S derived project.
As an echinopsii user you only have to declare clearly that you are using an echinopsii project as a dependency and that your user may also request a Free2Biz license in their own work.
Finally, you must contribute your work back through git pull requests on echinopii SCM with AGPLv3 and echinopsii CLA if you modified any echinopsii source code to meet your needs.

Commercial Derived Software :
Request a zero cost Free2Biz license and pay the yearly Premium Service subscription if you wish to develop a proprietary or dual-licensed commercial derived project to fulfil your daily needs.
As an echinopsii user you must promote the echinopsii main developers' work and the Free2Biz license on any derived work redistribution (on-premise or XaaS). You must make a clear declaration that you are using an echinopsii project as a dependency and consequently your user may also have to request a Free2Biz license in their own work.
Finally, contribute your work back through git pull requests on echinopsii SCM with AGPLv3 and echinopsii CLA if you have modified any echinopsii source code to meet your needs.

Be Agile

The Ariane project is at an early stage and there are still a huge amount of user stories to work on in order to be able to produce a full IT mapping system.

We're now working hard on user stories coming from our consulting experiences to improve the current mapping framework and to publish new free IT mapping plugins around Ariane and Open Source IT components.

We’re always hungry for any other user stories you may have to produce a clear map of your digital systems (from big datacenter infrastructure to IoT systems).

Note that our day-to-day development work is ruled as much as possible by the Agile Manifesto.

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

  • Kent Beck
    Mike Beedle
    Arie van Bennekum
    Alistair Cockburn
    Ward Cunningham
    Martin Fowler

  • James Grenning
    Jim Highsmith
    Andrew Hunt
    Ron Jeffries
    Jon Kern
    Brian Marick

  • Robert C. Martin
    Steve Mellor
    Ken Schwaber
    Jeff Sutherland
    Dave Thomas

© 2001, the above authors
this declaration may be freely copied in any form,
but only in its entirety through this notice.

Let’s produce the Knowledge of tomorrow.

(: Let’s code now ! :)