Collaborative Zone

Free connections

Our Confluence server is our documentation center where you can read the Ariane project documentation. You also can chat with us by joining #ariane.echinopsii on the FreeNode network. If you are locked behind a firewall, consider using Kiwi IRC client.

Finally you're welcome to send us mails if you have any questions.

Software factory

Our Free Open Source work is published on GitHub. You can therefore fork out this work from there to play with. However, even if GitHub is a cool way to share our work with the community, it doesn't satisfy all our needs, especially our agile project management or documentation needs. Therefore, keep in mind that our GitHub account is just but a mirror of our own development infrastructure.

The echinopsii development infrastructure is composed by the following classical tools :

  • Confluence for our documentation
  • Jira for our agile project management
  • Stash for our source code management
  • Nexus for our dependencies repository
  • Jenking for our CI
  • ... and other tools currently on our private cloud, but which will go public soon as well.

To make new feature requests or raise bug tickets, sign up freely on Jira. You can then use the same account on Confluence and Stash.

Once you created an account on Jira you can become a project contributor. You will also be asked to sign our CLA. Depending on your contribution effort we will consider you as a premium contributor and so you will get annual premium service subscription for free.

Premium service

We do our best to respond to community requests, but we can only guarantee SLA support responses to those who have paid the annual subscription.

Likewise, access to Ariane enterprise features is only available if you have paid the annual subscription.

If you wish to integrate some of your private, customised projects into Ariane project, then you have to pay the annual subscription (see the Free2Biz licence description).

When you pay the Echinopsii Premium Service annual subscription, you will have premium contributor status, which ensures that you will qualify for preferential pricing on some other services that you might need.

Community Premium
Community Features
Enterprise Features
Community support (no SLA)
Enterprise support (guaranteed SLA)
Custom private project integration
Cool pricing on additional services
Contact us to get a quote


Main echinopsii's goal is the growth of the Ariane project. So, if you are interested in reusing a service from the Ariane project for your own project, consider the Free2Biz licence and contact us to see how we can work together.

Another echinopsii's major concern is the (Free) Open Source Software community. Working on an Open Source Project and want to benefit from our software factory for free ? Working on a Free Open Source project and want to benefit from the reuse of the Free2Biz license ? Then ask us for a partnership.

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